Artist Statement

Exploring The
World With Ink.

Each piece is layered and each layer a reaction to the previous layer.
The constant dance of the inks is mesmerizing and time escapes me.
My joy is just playing, not to be restricted by any boundaries

Welcome to the Website for Diana Brayton

As long as I can remember growing up in Dubuque Iowa, I was always involved in playing golf, volleyball and experimenting with arts and crafts.

Thanks to my creative mother for encouraging me to pursue a career in Graphic Design. I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree from Iowa State University and went on to a career at The University of Iowa as a graphic artist. Over 20 years I was creating displays, illustrating and designing graphics for the faculty and staff at the University

Diana B

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See What’s New with Mixed Medium specializing in Alcohol Ink Art, Diana Brayton.
Limited Time Products and Event Announcements and some tips and tricks for those who like to create as well.

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